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Gibson County Tennessee 911 Service  - History

The Gibson County Communications Center was established in 1968 as a private company with a radio license to operate on police radio frequencies to provide dispatch services for local law enforcement and emergency services, this was the first of its kind in the nation. The company was sold in 1989 to the Gibson County E-911 Emergency Communications District.

Gibson County was the first rural county in West Tennessee to have enhanced 911 System which went on line in July 1989, enhanced 911 provides the dispatcher with important information about the location the call is coming from. The 911 System presently handles over a thousand 911 calls per month. This does not include all of the other calls for help and information which come in on the regular phone lines which are just a few of the dispatch duties. We dispatch Police and Fire Departments for seven towns, as well as the Gibson County Sheriff's Department, County Ambulance Service and County Fire Departments. We do National Crime Information Center (N.C.I.C). computer work for seven towns and the Sheriff's office in Gibson County and for all of Crockett County.                              Jack Moore




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